Nutz Hanf video campaign
2018 | Project Gallery

There are plenty of different stances when it comes to hemp. We were keen to avoid all of them in our project. We wanted to focus on the facts. And we wanted to use these facts to set things in motion. We love to talk facts and what better way to do it than in a language we speak fluently.

"Use Hemp! (Nutz Hanf!)" Campaign on the topic about hemp seeds

Working on behalf of the specialist hemp café Hanfbar, we produced a series of social media videos that took an objective look at the facts surrounding the superfood hemp. Our aim was to create high-quality videos that would provide viewers with an objective perspective on the various aspects of hemp without forcing them to take their own stance on the issue.

They tell you everything you need to know about the versatility of hemp as a food and agricultural crop without straying into the debate over drugs. We created sweet and appealing illustrations and characters to deliver the content, which is both funny and intelligent in equal measure: perfect for social media!

Client: Hanfbar Braunschweig - hanfbar
Screenplay & Text: Enrico Lummitsch
Design & Illustration: Marina Kanzian
Animation & Composition: Enrico Lummitsch
Voice: My Dung Nguyen known from the Podcast - a better life without sugar. Subscribe podcast here: Spotify

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