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Design is a language that stirs emotions, awakens desires and shares visions with the world. Design is a language we use to tell visual stories. Design is our language. Design is the language we use to set things in motion. From the idea and concept to the finished product, we design creative solutions tailored to your communication needs. Sometimes our solutions are still, sometimes they’re in motion. Sometimes they’re visual, other times they’re audio. Whatever they are, they always get things moving, both in hearts and in minds.

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About hyperebene

People who speak the same language understand one another, which is why Hyperebene is part of a network of creative luminaries and organisational superstars. We always assemble the best possible team to work on our projects, long before we have reached our own limits in terms of capacity and expertise. We’re never stationary. We’re always moving to set your vision in motion.

Portrait of Enrico Lummitsch

Enrico Lummitsch
Motion Designer

The man behind an array of creative animations. As a veteran of major industrial projects with some of the biggest names around, Enrico understands the structure needed during the creative process. With his passion for video and science, his work always incorporates the latest trends and ideas. His curious nature is what drives him and his quest for ever-evolving ideas. Enrico is never stationary. Enrico is always moving, be it with or without images.

Marina Kanzian
Designer & Illustrator

Your expert for design and illustration. Marina studied her craft from scratch in Sāo Paulo at one of the most respected universities in Brazil. Her work with big name artists and established agencies has not only attracted plenty of attention to her creative work, it has also taught her what it takes to get things done to a deadline. Marina speaks a variety of design dialects and masters them all fluently.

Portrait of Marina Kanzian


Whether you’re looking for advice or support or you’re ready to start work, we’re here to help! We use visual communications to set your ideas in motion and use graphic design, video production and animation to tell your story, helping you to share your latest campaign with the world. Keen to set things in motion with the power of design? Speak to the experts. Say hello@hyperebene.de or give us a
call +49 531 22434250.

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